Mentioning Allah’s name before pouring hot water down drains & sewage

Q:Would it be okay to mention Allah’s name, saying (In the name of Allah) before pouring hot water down drains & sewage ,so that we don’t burn the Jinn out in the sewage (maybe they had been living in that place)?

Shaykh Zaid al-Madkhali, may Allah have mercy on him, said:in all cases.
Never pour hot water down any drains , or on the ground, don’t you pour hot water, because the Earth fills up by residents, maybe hot water pour down on those creatures of jinn ,or on their kids, then out of revenge, the jinn will possess a human for harming. 
[a touch of the jinn, it's something like Epilepsy disease or more harm - waliyazu be Allah].
So if you want to pour hot water, do try to cool it down by adding cold water to it, until it becomes colder, so it wouldn't cause any harm, then pour it in the sewage or anywhere!.