Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Modern Amulets in Cars ! - Moosa bn Richardson

8. Assalamu ‘Alaikum. It’s customary for a Muslim to hang decorations with string from their rear view mirrors in their cares with the name of Allaah or ayat ul-Kursi or other related things related to our deen on them. Is this permissible? 

Wa’alaikumus Salaam. Based on what you have read today this is the modern hanging the qilaadah around the riding beasts. People hang it on their mirrors, look at that on the front in a position as if it was a horse you know. They would put their air freshener they call it or whatever it is, right on the neck of the horse. And you would find that ayat ul-Kursi is common, ayat ul-Kursi from Sooratul Baqarah is commonly written on these things and there are people who believe that this is something that’s important for the protection of the car. Clearly without a doubt that it must be avoided if the reliance upon that physical thing, that it is protecting us from harm. Absolutely, without any mention of differing or any significance given to any scholarly differing we say that that must be discarded, that it must be cut. In general, we say that the generality of the evidence shows us that all of those things that are tied to rear view mirrors should be removed and should not be there. You can place a deodoriser in your car anywhere, why hang it on a string over the rear view mirror?

While, especially, most of you that are listening are from the west, in America and probably many places in the west the traffic laws differ state by state in America. But in my state the traffic laws is that you are not allowed to hang anything on the rear view mirror. If you came to take your drivers licence test and you had something hung on your rear view mirror they would tell you that you have to remove that or you will fail your drivers test. It is not allowed to put something on the rear view mirror and that is a serious maslaha (beneficial matter) for us to follow that because anything hung from the rear view mirror obstructs your vision (to some degree or another). And that automobile that you drive, the very practical angle of staying away from something like this, that vehicle you drive is an instrument that can cause death to people. So you may not knowingly obstruct your vision in a way that could lead to an accident and spill the blood of a Muslim or of a non-Muslim who has deserved no punishment or attack or anything. In this case it is not permissible. And if an accident was caused and it was deemed that it was negligence by a person who hung something on his rear view mirror and thus did not see, for example someone walking in front of the car because it was at a blind spot created by a hanging on a rear view mirror. And this case goes to the judge and possibly the qaadhi would judge in this case that the negligence has lead to the person being killed or being harmed and this shows that it makes the case very serious. And Allaah ta’ala knows best.

So aside from it being ayat ul-Kursi or a hanging of the Qur’aan as a qilaadah or as a tamima and the best position for us to say about that is that it is to be prohibited, it’s to be stopped and you should take it away. Realising that the issue is a issue of differing, going back to the differing of the Sahaabah and with issues like that and be careful of how you enforce that upon other people who may have adopted a position of some of the Sahaabah and you wan to be careful of how you approach that issue. Na’am and Allaahu ta’ala knows best.

And I would strongly admonish you and advice you in general to keep everything off of your rear view mirror whether it has ayat ul-Kursi, Qur’aan or anything else. Keep thing off of your rear view mirror or if it’s a simple strawberry deodorizer, it can be a distraction or it can actually create a blind spot for you. And Allaahu ta’ala knows best.


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