Friday, 14 August 2015

Talibul ILM & Books

The Student of Knowledge has a passion for buying books
By Shaykh Khaalid ar-Radaadi may Allah preserve him 
The Shaykh mentioned this benefit in the Q&A portion to a lecture he gave to students in the Islamic University of Madinah entitled “How the student of knowledge should specifically build his library”. He said,
What distinguishes the student of knowledge is his library, the attention he gives to his library, and his passion for acquiring beneficial books. I remember some of the Mashayikh and some of the ‘Ulemaa who would sell some of their furniture from their homes in order to buy books out of need. They would sell some of their furniture from their own homes until they were able to buy books!
And I remember in the year 1405 (we are now in 1436[2015]) when the second book fair of the university came, at that time I was in the college (as a student). At that time I had a car *the Shaykh chuckles* – a new car. So I went with it to a car auction and sold it, and some of the people were angry with me (for doing this). *The Shaykh chuckles*
But then I bought books with a portion of what I made (from the car). Therefore there must be a passion for books and great importance for them. The student should never cease in attaining beneficial books, rather he should give (great) attention to this affair.
The righteous predecessors, as we’ve mentioned regarding what has been narrated from them, would give great attention to this (affair) and they would see defects in those who did not give attention and importance to books and prints/copies. They strove in acquiring and benefiting from (these books). Na’am.
Source: beginning from 38:07
Translated by: Abu Awzaa’ee AbdusSalaam


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