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Beware of Fitna...Beware of Dunya... Beware of Women...

Abu Huraira -May Allah be pleased with him- has related that the Prophet (Sallahu alaihi wa salam) said,
“Hasten to do good deeds; (there will be) fitnah like a portion of a dark night, wherein an individual wakes up as a believer and begins the night as a disbeliever or he begins the night as a believer and wakes up as a disbeliever. He sells his religion for a portion of the dunya (this worldly life).”
Some Excerpts :

This hadith is related to fitnah, which is of two types:

The first type is the fitnah of As Shubuhaat (doubts). What is meant by this type of fitnah is that fitnah which is connected to the religion/deen. This type of fitnah is more severe than the fitnah of As shahawaat (base desires) because it (may) expel an individual from the purity of At Tawheed and cause him to enter into the filth of As Shirk (polytheism), Al Kufr (disbelief), Al Ilhaad (atheism or misguidance with regards to Allah’s names and attributes), or Az Zandaqa(hypocrisy) and cause him to exit from the light of the Sunnah and cause him to enter into the darkness of bid’ah and misguidance.

This type of fitnah appears from time to time. It may also increase at one particular point in time and decrease at another. Also, those people who call to this type of fitnah increase and multiply at one particular time or another. This type of fitnah could be present in newspapers, magazines, books, tapes, TV channels, the internet, or from arguing or debating an atheist or with a person of bid’ah.
An individual could be a person who has the correct and unaltered aqeedah, love of at tawheed and as sunnah, honor of the salaf and then draw himself into listening to an atheist or a person of bid’ah or even reading their books, thereby exposing himself to doubts which could essentially misguide him and eventually cause him to be destroyed.

More Excerpts :

From these causes (which distance one from fitnah) are: Not watching or listening to channels, websites, tapes, or CD’s which spread and fuel the fires of fitnah. Also, by not reading certain books, newspapers, magazines which increase fitnah, along with distancing oneself from the places of fitnah, its places, streets, scenes, clubs and coffee shops. And leaving the company of those who call to fitnah in addition to whoever may be known as troublemaker or talks a lot or rushes to enter into fitnah.

The second benefit of this hadith is: The encouragement to hasten and increase in doing good deeds before leaving them due to becoming preoccupied with fitnah.

عن أبي سعيد الخدري رضي الله عنه : عن النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم قال:-
« إن الدنيا حلوة خضرة ، وإن الله مستخلفكم فيها ، فينظر كيف تعملون ، فاتقوا الدنيا واتقوا النساء ، فإن أول فتنة بني إسرائيل كانت في النساء »
📔[رواه مسلم : 2742]

📝 شرح الحديث :
📝 معنى ( الدنيا خضرة حلوة ) يحتمل أن المراد به شيئان:
● أحدهما : حسنها للنفوس ونضارتها ولذتها كالفاكهة الخضراء الحلوة فإن النفوس تطلبها طلبا حثيثا فكذا الدنيا.
● والثاني : سرعة فنائها كالشيء الأخضر في هذين الوصفين.
● ومعنى ( مستخلفكم فيها ) جاعلكم خلفاء من القرون الذين قبلكم فينظر هل تعملون بطاعته أم بمعصيته وشهواتكم.
●( فاتقوا الدنيا ) ومعناه تجنبوا الافتتان بها وبالنساء.
📓[شرح النووي على مسلم]

☆مَوْسُوعَةُ الْسُّنَّةِ الْصَّحِيحَةِ☆
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This is derived from the Prophet’s (Sallahu alaihi wa salam) statement regarding the reason why the individual alters from belief to disbelief, “He sells his religion for a portion of the dunya.”

Sheikh Ibn Al Utahymeen -May Allah have mercy upon him- mentioned in the explanation of Riyadh As Saaliheen (v.1, pg. 150),
“And do not think that this portion of the dunya is only wealth. (Rather) it could be any of the pleasures of this world that are presented to him like wealth, status, leadership, women, or other things. Anything from the pleasures of this world is this ‘portion’ of the dunya (mentioned in the hadith).”

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