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Give glad tidings and do not cause people to flee away

A Superb General Advice To Salafis – Shaykh Badr Al-Utaybee

Shaykh Badr Ibn Alee Ibn Taamee Al-Utaybee said, “…Salafiyyah is the religion of the Prophet (sal Allaahu alayhi wa sallam), it is the methodology of the Companions, Taabi’een and Imams of the religion. Nobody is expelled from Salafiyyah except with evidences and certainty, not due to desires, personal interests and the shaytaan.
Our Salaf, even though they spoke about the People of Innovation and boycotted them, however they were the Imams of Fiqh (understanding), Imams of Sunnah, Imams of Zuhd (ascetism), Imams of piety, Imams in good manners, Imams in calling to goodness and forbidding evil, Imams in Jihaad in the way of Allaah, Imams in every good characteristic.
So be true Salafis like them, do not restrict Salafiyyah to one area and not the other. Do not sway to one side and disregard the other side.
Read the biographies of the Imams of Jarh wa Ta’deel like Shu’bah, Sufyaan, Abdur Rahmaan Ibn Mehdi, Yahyaa Ibn Sa’eed, Yahya Ibn Mu’een, Ahmad [Ibn Hanbal] and Ishaaq [Raahuwayh] and others.
Consider their honour and glory, think about their knowledge and righteous actions, stop at the limits of fiqh and wisdom, and fill yourselves with zuhd and piety – this is how you will be real and true Salafis.
You should know the different rulings according to a time and a place; what is spoken about and what should not be spoken about; which issues are began with and which issues are not. These delicate matters you will not be able to know and differentiate between them without:
1) The authority of knowledge
2) The intelligence of a mind
Thereafter, defend Islam and the Sunnah in its entirety.
Do not speak about an evil which is hidden [and yet you disregard] a greater more apparent evil.
Do not speak about a minor bidah [which only a small number of Muslims in your locality have fallen into yet you disregard] a bidah which is overwhelming [a large number of Muslims in your locality].
Do not speak about a person who is unknown, [yet you disregard] a person whose danger is much greater [as he is well known].
Allah, the most High, said; {O you who have believed, enter into Islam completely [and perfectly]} [02:208]
So take the religion from all its angles, and remain vigilant in all situations.
We want a Salafi who is a Faqeeh (a scholar of fiqh), a person who can explain to the people the rulings of their religion upon knowledge, Sunnah and Salafiyyah.
We want a Salafi who is a Waa’idh (admonisher), who fills the hearts
of people with the fear of Allah, and the yearning of Jannah upon knowledge and Sunnah.
We want a Salafi who is a Muhtasib (a person who is responsible), who
defends the religion and negates the arrogance of the falsifiers, the interpretation of the ignorance and the altering of the extremists upon knowledge and Sunnah.
We want a Salafi who is Tarbawi (a cultivator), who attaches importance to family matters, women and youth. He directs them with good sound advice upon knowledge and Sunnah.
This is the Salafiyyah we want. We have had enough of divisions and discord, boycotting and cutting off.
Allah has made you (o worshippers of Allah) brothers, by [various] avenues of mercy towards each other.
Give glad tidings and do not cause people to flee away [from Islam or Salafiyyah]; make things easy and not difficult; work with each other and do not differ.
This is the advice and counsel of the Prophet Muhammad (sal Allaahu alayhi wa sallam) to every truthful Salafi.
In closing…It does not matter to me if a “lurking deviated Ikhwaani”, an “arrogant “ Surooree”, a “rebellious Khaarijee”, an “ignorant Tableeghee” or even a “misguided Ash’aree”, a “hating Raadfidhee” or a “cursed liberal” rejoices due to my speech.
We are not a hizb (party/sect) that we have to exchange advice and principles beneath the table, or [secretly] write them on noticeboards in lonely corridors!
My way is Salafiyyah, I defend it and what concerns it. I have concern for my Salafi brothers.
My statements regarding the mistakes of individuals is in order to rectify, purify and cultivate, it is in order to protect the Salafi methodology from that which has been ascribed to it and is not from it.
Whatever I wrote is like medicine – inshallah – and cauterization (i.e. burning with hot rod) is a type of medicine. Perhaps after the hotness [and pain] of the rod there will be some cure.
May the peace and blessing of Allaah be upon our Prophet Muhammad, and his family and companions.”



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