Thursday, 6 September 2018

what is Happiness ? A scientific study - Dopamine, Serotonin & Endorphins.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

This is a small collection of some neuro-scientific & psychological articles related to HAPPINESS. FYI, Science may fail & be false at times whereas the Divine guidance obtained from the Revelation is always true & factual.

This article is merely a research piece intending to direct the readers to the original article mentioned below (sroll to end).

 Lets take a look at the scientific approach of Happiness : -

 Dopamine is the central chemical in your brain that regulates how you perceive and experience pleasure. During pleasurable moments or situations, this neurotransmitter is released, which causes a person to seek out a desirable activity over and over again. Eating (especially foods with high levels of sugar) and having sexual intercourse are stimulants of dopamine being released in the brain. This is the reason why these activities are usually enjoyable and why people continuously engage in them.

 Scientists always have a different perception of activities. They think in terms of neutrons, protons, nerves, reactions etc. Whereas mathematicians think logically in terms of numerals & digits. Programmers think in their languages of bits & bytes (1s & 0s). This is different for every class of people according to their profession.

 Wheras a Muslim must think they way His Lord commaned him to & the way his prophet
taught him to..ﷺ

 HAPPINESS can be measured by different people as per their study & research. Just like how a scintist when drinking water considers it to be H20 & molecules of hydrogen & Oxygen, a doctor may consdier it to be the rejuvenator of life & That human body cannot survive without water !
All cells need water to live & thrive.

The different outlook of different people is subjective. A thirsty person considers this no more than a pleasure & happiness to quench his thirst & he is not cocerned about the Hydrogen & Oxygen content nor that cells are composed of it or not. He wants to feel comfort by drinking this water which is his need.

SO happiness is similarly perceived by different communities as per their background.

 Our Noble messenger
taught us to be happy & satisfied with our self & possessions & to be OPTIMISTIC & to look at those below us & to help others & to use good words & Smile at people...

We were taught to seek refuge from laziness & to work hard to earn & spend in Halal means. We are taught to be healthy & avoid diseases & un hygienic practises.

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